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welcome to CWR

Computer World Records is an International Digital Platform for Recognition of New Records, Achievements and Innovation, Our proprietary algorithm helps us discover and find the right influencer networks for your brand and its objectives.

Computer World Records

Computer World Records is an International Digital Platform For Recognition of New Records, Achievements and Innovation. we strive to affirm all type of digital amazing. and honouring Digital Brand and publishing "Computer World Records year Book"

Set/Break Records

Anyone can break or set a world record. No matter how old you are, where you're from, or what language you speak, you, too, can be a Computer World Record holder.

New Innovation

CWR is an International non government organisation initiative to promote a culture of new innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital world.

Unique Achievements

Computer World Records is also a platform where unique achievements rewarded.

Year Book

The idea for a Computer World Records year book is a place where we share new records,innovation and achivement .

what we do

It's not always about the money. With Computer World Record Holder become a certified Digital Influencers and getting privileged access to events, experiences, freebies & associations that take you closer to stardom.

FaceBook Rankers

Facebook page or Facebooker known as facebook ranker when page has one million followers and atleast one post is liked by 1 million user in an hours

YouTube Rankers

Youtube Channel known as youtube ranker when channel has one million subscribers and atleast one video is liked by 1 million in an hours ..

Instagram Rankers

Instagram page known as Instagram ranker when page has one million followers and atleast one post is liked by 1 million user in an hours .

Digital School of The Year

Digital School of the year AWARDS the most trusted educational recognition has come up with the its initiative to recognize High Performing Schools of the world, an initiative to recognize real quality schools.

Digital Teacher of The Year

Digital Teacher of The Year awards to honor teachers who are striving to raise quality standards in school education.

Digital Student of The Year

Reward the top student of the year with "Digital Student of The Year award" for his/her outstanding performance throughout the academic year.

School-Based Performance Digital Award Programs

"Computer World Records -School-Based Performance Digital Award Programs" Building on a strong foundation of research and experience with educational reform across the nation, in the 1990s educational policymakers undertook sophisticated comprehensive educational reform efforts. The centerpiece of these reforms was the creation of state educational standards, assessments, and goals, and the realignment of state and local resources to support the achievement of these goals. .

  • School-Based Performance Awards
  • 1. Digital School of the year
  • 2. Digital Teacher of the year
  • 3. Digital Student of the year

Note: School or student upload their marksheet if he/she got 100/100 in any subject of 8th onward class get nominated for "Digital Student of the Year" and get Nomination certificate.

Computer World Records

what our fun factors

Time Records

Size Records

Product Records

Mass Records

our portfolio

Computer World Records strive to produce original Computer World Records Year books about Digital Record Holder in fields such as technology and innovation with a focus on educating and inspiring a new generation.

features with CWR

Computer World Records opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to excite an audience in multiple locations with record-breaking challenges that are easy to access no matter where you are..

How To Apply...

Computer World Records

If you want to set or break a computer world record,you'll need to get in touch with the Computer World Records team by mail,our email-id for this section is records@computerworldrecords.com,Be patient, though. They receive more than our expectation inquiries each year from potential record-breakers!

Computer World Records

If you have any new proven innovation,and for internatonal recognisation you'll need to email us,our email-id for this section is newinnovation@computerworldrecords.com.

If you have any unique certified achievements,and for internatonal recognisation you'll need to email us,our email-id for this section is uniqueachievement@computerworldrecords.com.

Digital Brand Amabassdor of the year
Every Participants of any catagorious (Set/Break Records,Innovation or Achievements) become our official digital brand ambassdor,start earning like digital influencer.
Digital Personality of the year
Participants those who apply for any proven innovation,any achievements (like google rankers,fb rankers etc..)or new records after varification,they are become certified "Digital Personality of the year".
Digital Brand of the year
Participants those who already apply on any catagorious after digital voting on our official platform like youtube channel,fb page and instagram page,highest voter become an "Dgital Brand of the year".

our audition

Computer World Records is a global brand, with offices in michigan(USA) and califonia(USA) with Digital influencer marketing services because consumers are becoming numb to clichéd and formal marketing messaging and trust more in peer information, social network communications and renowned names,Steps of our Audition.

Email Us

Email us about your new Record ,innovation or about unique achivement in detail.

Technical Varification

Our Technical Team forward your application of new innovation and unique achivement to consern depart for varification,and application of new Records finallised by digital user by voting.

Audition Video

After mail confirmation you have to mail audition video for generating voting link for digital user on our official platform of youtube,fb and instagram.


Finally Collect you vote by promoting link youself , as much as you can promote you voting link you can earn money also.


On the basis of our technical team decided approved new innovation and unique achievements and certified,and on the basis of voting we gave you a chance to set or break new records.and after successfully execute by you,you will be rewared by us.

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